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What People Are Saying...

  •   Aleenah is a wonderful teacher - she is truly talented, has such total control of her body, and can teach even the most uncoordinated of us how to look like real dancers! Aleenah can teach anyone, of any age or dance ability. I highly recommend her classes; they are fun and a great workout. I would definitely take her class again.
  • Debbie
    Rye Brook, NY

  •   I'd been studying belly dance for about 6 years when I took a private lesson with Aleenah to get ready for a big performance. She asked me questions to narrow down what I wanted to work on. She critiqued a video taped performance I'd brought and we worked on technique and stage presence for over and hour. She sent me on my way with a list of notes to remember what we'd worked on and what I should practice. In that one session, I gained an enormous amount of valuable technique and stage presence information. Aleenah brought my dance to the next level in one session! She conveys information in a very understandable and fun way. She is a wonderful teacher and I have hired her for privates and group privates since. She is a valuable source of coaching, and a wonderful person!
  • Kimberly / Annziira
    Southington, CT

  •   Dear Aleenah, I want to let you know how much I am enjoying class. You are an incredible instructor! I teach teachers and your instructional methods are terrific.
  • Barbara Haeffner

  •   Aleenah is truly one of the best dance instructors you will ever meet! Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate, you will be impressed with her ability to "customize" what she teaches. She has amazing body awareness and uses this skill to help her students achieve success!
  • Fee Adams, Group Exercise Instructor
    Wallingford, CT

  •   I have been a student of Aleenah's Wednesday class at Let's Dance in Rhythm Studio, Branford for the last three years. As an instructor, she has never failed to give any and all of the students her full attention for questions or advice. In my personal experience as her student, these are the reasons why I love my classes with Aleenah: she always provides a history of the particular dance style we are learning; explains in a straightforward manner how and why moves are executed; describes manner of dress/costume; will always give individual time to review moves or dispense advice. The most important reasons I love Aleenah's class is the non-judgmental and sincere encouragement she provides, her professionalism, and easy-going manner. I always look forward to attending Wednesday class!!
  • Bonnie Alexander
    Guilford, CT

  •   The program that you lead, Belly Dance, is a favorite of the members who attend. Not only they have the chance to engage in an activity which interests them, but they get to meet others who are interested in learning more about Belly Dance and remaining healthy and fit. We want to thank you for all you do to make the Wallingford Senior Center the best that it can be!
  • D. Voelker, Program Director
    P. Watts, Program Coordinator

  •   Aleenah approaches her classes with an upbeat attitude and a ready smile, always introducing something new. Her classes are a wonderful, joyful experience in bellydancing.
  • Frances
    Guilford, CT

  •   Aleenah is a great teacher. I thoroughly enjoy her class!
  • Susan Shultz

  •   I‘ve spent the past four years studying the art of belly dance with Aleenah. Consistent, comprehensive study with her has brought me from a student of the dance to a professional belly dancer. Aleenah has not only taught me how to master many different styles of belly dance (i.e. Turkish, Egyptian, Tribal, and Gypsy), but has also advised me on costuming. Because of her vast knowledge, skill, and patience, I now perform at private parties and cultural events…with tailored routines to accommodate the client’s ethnic background and preference.
  • Heather Dostert/ Hedasa

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