Aleenah performs in Connecticut and New England

What People Are Saying...

  •   Aleenah, thank you so much for your workshop at East Haven High School. This is the first time that we had 100% participation of the students in all the years we have been involved with this program. The staff and students thought that this was the best workshop-class- and performance ever. They all commented "She is awesome!" Thank you so much again.
  • Tony Vaspasiano
    East Haven, CT

  •   Aleenah is a true professional who embodies the spirit of belly dance. In addition to possessing great technical skill in the performance of this art, she is able to transfer the meaning of belly dance to her students. She presented a workshop at Albertus Magnus College for my students. In an hour and a half, she taught them basic movements that covered a range of movement possibilities in this art. She did it in a way that proved to be both fun and empowering. Aleenah is an excellent ambassador for this ancient dance form.
  • Marie Chamberlain

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